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Our strategy


The C5 is an open, concrete, experience-based cooperation framework whose participants engage in peer-learning and technical cooperation in order to advance open contracting, especially through the implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS).

Our strategy


Giving momentum to open contracting 
By limiting its membership to only those countries interested in developing open contracting further within their borders or seeking greater visibility abroad, this initiative aims to take concrete steps towards fostering a culture of transparency worldwide. The work of the initiative rests on two important foundations:
–  Technical cooperation in implementing an open data policy for public procurement;
–  Policy-oriented discussions on the positive impact such open data practices may have on public administration and democracy.


Encouraging the use of a single data standard: the OCDS
Working closely with the Open Contracting Partnership, which developed the OCDS, the C5 member states further promote the use of the OCDS as a single, advanced and open source data standard. Since administrative cultures and processes vary from one country to another, the C5 encourages publishers to implement the OCDS incrementally, first publishing what they can and improving the quality and amount of data in an iterative process. The OCDS provides a comprehensive framework to foster step-by-step, incremental implementation.


A thematic focus for more transparent and open governance
Working closely with international organizations, NGOs, and international partnerships, such as the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the Contracting 5 is a clear example of how governments can collaborate on a specific thematic area to advance and scale the open government agenda internationally.