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What we do

What we do

Mindful of commitments made at the May 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit and at the December 2016 Paris Open Government Partnership Summit to make the public contracting process open by default, and to publish contracts and contracting information according to open data standards and in line with the Open Contracting Principles, we have agreed to work together to:


Open standards – Implement the Open Contracting Data Standard to the fullest extent possible to create a timely, accessible public record for government, business and citizens on how public money is spent across the entire cycle of our public contracting from planning to tender to award to implementation of contracts.


Open source – Foster innovation by supporting an ecosystem of open source, re-useable and shareable tools to improve communication, analysis, data quality and automation of public contracting information.


Use cases – Contribute to the further development and use of the Standard through case studies and analysis of user needs, encouraging extensions and joined up data including with corporate registries, joining and encouraging the Standard’s user community and contributing to its further adoption.


Document & measure – Document the lessons learned, and measure the real-world benefits for government, business, and citizens from our adoption and implementation of open contracting for sharing, learning, and improvement.


User needs & capacities – Focus collectively on the key user needs and capacities for government contracting information – such as improving value to money, creating a fair and level playing field for businesses, tracking and improving service delivery, upholding public integrity and deterring fraud and corruption – to shape, share and adopt a common methodology for building capacities and  measuring impacts from our interventions in order to refine and share such methodologies globally.


Best practices – Consider, refine and adopt best practices to engage business and civic organisations at appropriate points along the entire chain of procurement and to share our approaches, strategies and lessons from our efforts to make public contracting more engaging and responsive.


Build a worldwide alliance – Engage other countries in our objectives, including through the Open Data Charter, Open Government Partnership, the OECD, the G20, our multilateral development banks and other relevant international or sector specific initiatives, such as the the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and encourage them to embrace and implement open contracting principles.


Engage our international development partners and institutions in furthering these objectives nationally and internationally including in priority sectors such as infrastructure and healthcare.

We recognize that we are all learning what works best and in the spirit of celebrating that innovation and learning, the C5 will be a safe space to share failures, challenges and lessons as well as our successes.

Our charter itself will iterate and evolve as part of this work and we will regularly update our workplan and priorities to that end.