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Open Data in Colombia

The Colombian Government took part in the creation of the Contracting 5 initiative as one of its 5 founding members during the Open Government Partnership’s Paris World Summit in December 2016.

Based on the principles and objectives of public service, Colombia is engaged in promoting openness, innovation and private participation in government procurement - based on the idea that openness is an important way to strengthen accountability of public management and to reduce the risk of corruption.

Colombia committed to “improve transparency of public procurement” through Colombia’s public procurement agency, Colombia Compra Eficiente, and in coordination with the general strategy of Open Data, led by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies.

Following the adoption of the Open Data initiative, Colombia has made public general information and links to all public procurement processes and contracts registered by official entities in Sistema Electrónico de Contratación Pública -SECOP. Free of charge, this information can be consulted, used or reused in various digital formats. The data currently covers around 6.4 million processes that are available to anyone.

Challenges Ahead

The annual agenda of Colombia in 2018 includes improvements in implementing the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) and certification from the Open Contracting Partnership in OCDS for the data sets available.