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As a founding member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) since 2011 and as president for the 2014-2015 period, Mexico was one of the first countries to complete 100% of its commitments in the Second Action Plan 2013-2015 and is a member of the Steering Committee until 2019.

Additionally, Mexico participated in the launching of the Contracting 5 (C5) initiative in 2016 during the OGP Summit that took place in París, in collaboration with the governments of Colombia, France, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Mexico chaired C5 during 2017 with the objective of promoting the exchange of international best practices in the implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) and to create awareness of the importance in developing the Standard.




Achievements and actions

Public Procurement Platform

Public procurement is the one of the most vulnerable area for corruption. That is why we needed to come up with some sort of tool that could help us keep track of it.

Thanks to the exchange of best practices, we were able to identify the OCDS as our way to transform procurement processes by ensuring maximum transparency in the life cycle of a contract, in its, planning, bidding, awarding and execution.

As you know, the OCDS seeks to publish information of the complete procurement process in an open format, which makes data structured, interoperable, reusable and easy to consult and monitor by any citizen.

In that sense, the Ministry of Public Administration called for the installation of the Multi Stakeholder Working Group on Public Procurement, which had the task of elaborating a roadmap that would allow the incorporation of the OCDS fields in all the contracts of “CompraNet” (México´s Public Procurement Process Platform).

After months of hard work, on November 2017, the Ministry of Public Administration in collaboration with other Ministries, Autonomous bodies, International Organizations and Civil Society Organizations; presented Mexico's Platform for Public Procurement in accordance with the OCDS; as a breakthrough in the fight against corruption, to promote transparency, accountability, openness and citizen oriented processes and results.

Currently, Mexico is implementing the OCDS in the largest public infrastructure project of this administration, and fifth largest in the world, the New Mexico City Airport.


Mexico is fully committed with openness. Therefore we have a permanent mission to always innovate and create citizen oriented tools. We must keep in mind that the purpose of making information available, is to be used. The main goal of open data is the “visualizations for citizen consumption”, data must be accessible but it is imperative that it displayed in a friendly form. That is the only we will receive the feedback to continue growing and creating a virtuous circle of improvement towards an open state.