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Ukraine. ProZorro is a
hybrid electronic public procurement system based on open source and OCDS principles.

ProZorro is a hybrid electronic open source government e-procurement system
created as the result of a partnership between business, government and civil
society and built on the principles of open contracting.

ProZorro is a fully online public procurement platform and a collaboration environment that ensures open access to public procurement (tenders) in Ukraine. Fully implemented in 2016 as a hybrid (both centralized public and decentralized private marketplaces) system, it has since been globally recognized as one of the most innovative public procurement systems delivering government services in a stakeholder-focused, transparent, effective, fair and low-cost way.
In May 2016, Ukraine officially joined the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, which not only opens up the markets of its members – including 28 European nations, the US, Canada, and Japan – to Ukrainian suppliers, but also demonstrates the Ukrainian system’s compliance with international standards.

What has Prozorro changed?

All public tenders are announced
and conducted online

- Online announcement and participation
- Any citizen, journalist or supervisory authority can monitor public tenders online
- Any attempts to conduct a corrupt tender are visible to everyone
- All uploaded documents stay in the system forever and it is possible to see even deleted files.

Easy access, easy use and easy participation

- Minimal package of qualification data required for submission of tender proposal
- Data available in public registries checked by the contracting entities themselves
- Submission of a proposal is possible from any place, even from a beach
- No extra costs for logistics, delivery of documents etc.
- Professional contact centers are there to help
- Intuitive interface and possibility for submitting a proposal in a couple of clicks

A clear contract award process

- Any participants can see who else participated in a tender and can submit
a formal complaint online
- The system provides full access to all tender proposals
- The system collects full information about goods, services or works that are offered by the winner of the contract together with the contract itself and any amendments.

Our philosophy

Given that from the very beginning the ProZorro team was quite diverse, operated on a voluntary basis and endeavored to get quick results, we all agreed on a philosophy based on the following three key elements :

A hybrid electronic system based on an open-source model. Transactions take place in the central database. Any number of commercial marketplaces provide front-end access to the database. Marketplaces compete with each other which motivates them to provide the best service in order to attract both contracting entities and suppliers.


“Everyone can see everything” – the official motto of ProZorro. Following completion of a tender procedure absolutely all data is disclosed, including the list of all participants, their bids, auction process, decisions of the tender committee and all qualification documents, etc. This information is publicly accessible through ProZorro’s online analytics module.


A Golden triangle of partnership – a unique form of collaboration between business, state and civil society where functions are divided between different stakeholders to ensure independence and mutual control. Such partnership aims at promoting change while maintaining a high level of trust between principal stakeholders throughout the course of this reform.

ProZorro system
recognized worldwide:

Rated #1 by World Procurement Awards 2016 in the Public sector nomination
Rated #1 by Open Government Awards 2016
ProZorro considered by EBRD as a recommended model for e-Procurement reform
ProZorro is a showcase & learning project of the Open Contracting Partnership
National Council of Ukraine recognized ProZorro reform as the most successful one
ProZorro is posted on the World’s Procurement Think Tank www.procurement.org/software
The World Bank is going to implement the base of the Prozorro system for its procurement procedures
Rated #1 for Master nomination by The Fair Sourcing Awards (FSA) for innovative, inspirational or long-term use of digital procurement and tendering processes, eAuctions, inquiries, eSourcing and other digital procurement solutions. http://www.fsawards.com/en/results-2017